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Stone SP CC Team News 
Saturday 24th June
U8 Pegasus v Moddershall-Oulton @ Moddershall 9.30am
W Betteley, H Cheadle, A Davies, D Farrow, C Jones, C Price, L Price, R Taylor, 
U8 Storks v Little Stoke @ Little Stoke 9.30am
A Ball, A Bourne, J Buckless, D Cox, T Cox, A Hulse, C Lea, O Till 
1st XI v Betley 1st XI @ Betley 1.00pm
R Harvey, J Barnes, J Cheadle, S Graham, M Coxon, D Womble, J Davies, A Pursell, G Hawbrook, R Pochwyt, H Brundrett
2nd XI v Endon 1st XI @ Swynnerton Park 1.00pm
P Cheadle, L Hickey, J Revill, J Bamford, A Schmid, D Chandler, E Laverty, B Fitzherbert, W Khan, O Perry, M Cuthbert 
3rd XI v Moddershall-Oulton 3rd XI @ Stone 1.30pm
S Bamford, A Davidson, R Whitehead, S Butters, T Holdway, B Shearing, N Podmore, C Jones, I Banks, J Ward, M Bailey
4th XI v Stafford 3rd XI @ Stafford 1.30pm
R Price, G Jones, K Wynter, P Minshall, J Millington, N Millington, W Plant, N Plant, A Jones, H MacDonald, W Alsbury 
Sunday 25th June
U17 v Kidsgrove @ Kidsgrove 9.30am
S Butters, A Pope, B Shearing, J Powell, D Chandler, E Laverty, M Cuthbert, K Wynter, M Bailey, W Ross, H MacDonald 
U13 Storks v Stafford @ Stone 9.30am
A Cleary-Baker, M Gommersall, J Harding, J Keyse, H Lovatt, J Lovatt, W Mayer, ,M Meredith, K Owen, A Tyne, G Welton 
1st XI v Newcastle & Hartshill 1st XI @ Porthill Park 10.30am (T20 2nd Round)
M Coxon, J Barnes, J Cheadle, S Graham, J Davies, G Hawbrook, J Bamford, A Pursell, B Fitzherbert, H Brundrett, R Pochwyt  
4th XI v JG Meakisn 4th XI @ Swynnerton Park 1.30pm   
R Price, G Jones, K Wynter, B Cox, S Cartwright, W Plant, M Chandler, L James, P Minshall, A Jones, H MacDonald 
5th XI v Bagnall Norton 3rd XI @ Bagnall 2.30pm
A Slee, A Djukic, S Butters, B Shearing, A Pope, M Shah, M Cuthbert, E Welton, M Slee, G Acheson, J Crossley 
Monday 26th June
U14 Pegasus v Stafford @ Stone 6.30pm
U14 Storks v Eccleshall @ Eccleshall 6.30pm
U10 Pegasus v Milford Hall @ Swynnerton Park 6.30pm

R Pardy-McLaughlin, N Baddevithana, O Carney, O Clamp, F Dimberline, D Farrow, T Flower, M Jones

U10 Storks v Meir Heath @ Meir Heath 6.30pm

J Ross, O Rudd, R Whitby-Samways, K Khan, A Kiteley, H Cheadle, C Price, R Taylor

Wednesday 28th June
U16 v Bagnall Norton @ Bagnall 6.30pm 
Thursday 29th June
U12 Storks v Barlaston @ Barlaston 6.30pm